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Below is a collection of tips and advice on the best shops in Brussels, Belgium and the city of Brussels in general. It gives you a list of all the amazing things to do in and around Brussels, as well as some tips on how to find good shops and some of their favourite cities in Belgium.

A great place for cheap shopping, telling you what tourists should buy in Brussels. City 2 is famous for the kind of shops it has, but If you know that you will soon be shopping and exploring Brussels, your wallet will feel light.

Here you will find something to take home, from Lindt chocolates to chocolate bars and a few other things. This is the perfect place to fill your bag and make your trip to Brussels to drive home to friends and family.

If you want to buy chocolate in Brussels, don't miss Laurent Gerbaud, a chocolate shop specialising in handmade chocolates that combine chocolate with fruit and spices. To ensure that you take home the best that Belgium has to offer, read on to find a list of places where you should buy good Belgian chocolates.

This will not only take you quickly to the centre of Brussels for shopping, but also gives you an additional 10% discount on everything. During your holiday in Brussels, you can also sample some of the best chocolates in the city, such as the famous Chocolatier de Boulogne, the largest chocolate shop in the world.

If you want to know whether you want to invest in products that are of high quality and meet your standards, you need to know that Brussels, Belgium, is the best place to do such shopping. Brussels has a wide range of shops in its surroundings, and travellers will find something for every taste and resource. Shopping facilities are rather limited, although you can find shops all over the city centre. I think Bruges should be your first stop when it comes to buying Belgian lace, souvenirs or any other souvenir.

There are shops on every street, from chain stores that behave like shops to small independent shops and even a few independent boutiques.

Belgium also has special beer shops like this, listing some of their top choices. Popular Belgian breweries include Heineken, Pilsner Urquell and many others, as well as a wide selection of other beers from around the world.

You should keep your calories for chocolate tastings in places that are hard to find in Belgium, such as Godiva. This is the only chocolate shop I recommend you skip as it is so easy to get godives almost anywhere in the world. The most popular bakeries in Belgium include Boulangerie Brouwerie, Bottega Venetia and many others, along with many others.

If you want to buy more than just clothes, visit the Brussels Vintage Market. Here the locals flock to Brussels for Sunday shopping, and it is a huge flea market. It is an excellent opportunity for travellers to experience the local culture and cuisine and makes shopping on a Brussels Sunday a pleasant activity. If you don't have enough money to travel, you can head to the kilo melting pot for a good old coffee.

No matter what budget you have, Brussels is a city that offers many things you can get rid of without memory from your trip there.

How come the moderators recommend you to buy one (see video) or not (video below)?

If you're in the heart of Europe, check out some of Brussels "lesser-known travel highlights. Why not try something new while you're in Brussels and get a godiva?

The information on this page is compiled from real traveler reviews of purchases in Brussels. Visit 10 different chocolate shops in Brussels and choose your six favourite shops. For each of these 10 shops we have designed a self-guided tour of Brussels, as well as a guide to each shop.

It is the perfect way to burn a few calories and explore a little bit of Brussels, and it is the most popular shopping street in Brussels. The avenue is 3 km long and is a prominent street in Brussels and this pedestrian street is one of the most popular shopping streets in Brussels.

If you want to visit Brussels and eat a lot of chocolate and not spend a fortune, this tour will help you, but you still have a few cool places to visit to round it off. Visit our chocolate shop now where you will see some very popular brands, be it chocolate bars, chocolates, sweets, candies, sweets and much more. This is ideal for inexpensive shopping in Brussels, so you can find some unique pieces and souvenirs without having to buy the typical tourist stuff.

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