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This article briefly describes the current state of the Belguim real estate market in Brussels and the likely future trends.

Deloitte today published the ninth edition of its Property Index, which analyses and compares the property market in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The average price of a one-bedroom apartment in Brussels in 2015 was 3,171 euros, placing 23rd out of 38 European countries. This year's Delositte Property Index measures the average property costs in the most expensive municipalities in Europe with an average value of 1,724,000 euros. In Ixelles, near Brussels, it is the second most expensive price, behind only Amsterdam (2,943,500 euros).

For families in Flanders, it is worth radically renovating the property, otherwise you will move in 2 years. The average price of a one-bedroom flat in Brussels (€3,171) has fallen by 7% since 2020.

Johannes advises homeowners to choose to build their own property by buying a plot of land and employing architects and developers, but this can be an expensive business in Belgium. Buying a home without a plan is also common in desirable areas, but John warns against this in areas where development is largely held back until construction begins. Instead of buying a planned home or furnished apartments, some homeowners choose to build their property on land bought and rented by an architect or developer, but this is expensive for Belgium and may have been a more expensive deal than in other parts of Europe.

If you want a little more help right away, you can get help from an estate agent if you are unsure where you want to live or if there is a problem. If you are looking for a translation from English to German, you will find real estate agents and notaries who speak the language fluently, but be sure to look for translations from English to German and find them as soon as possible.

Johannes advises that new build homes could be a great opportunity, but before you decide on your new home in Belgium, you should make sure what your property will look like when you move in. If you want to settle in Germany, there is little to stop you from doing so, except for the Belgian criminal laws, which expose foreign buyers to a higher risk of being evicted from their property, and of course you must get the property back under certain conditions. So you are not afraid to address and solve problems and have strong rights as a tenant in Belgium.

Below you can read a summary of how to exercise your rights under the Belgian Real Estate Act and the European Convention on Human Rights. Belgian nationals wishing to leave the country should check with the countries concerned whether they have opened their borders and whether Belgium allows their citizens to enter and leave their home country.

It is important to note that those who rent a home through a house and apartment brokerage website must report their income to their local authorities and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Importantly, they must declare their income to both the Belgian Real Estate Authority (BRA) and the Belgian national tax authorities.

If you are looking for an investment in buy-to-let, the Belgian government provides tools to calculate the estimated rental price of a property. The Belgian notary can provide you with the legal representation you need, but you can also choose to seek the assistance of your lawyer in Belgium. If you are thinking of moving to Belgium to work or study, please read our guide to renting in Belgium.

Although the deadline for registration is 30 June 2020, you can be granted a four-month extension to register your certificate. If the market value is above this, it must be calculated in advance and adjusted to this by the registration deadline of 20 March 2020.

Developers and their estate agents can start marketing the property once they have or have received planning permission. Developers and their estate agents can also market the properties as soon as possible if they have built them or obtained planning permission or if they have not yet done so.

Even those who work in Brussels every day can choose to live in the city, as Belgium is one of the most popular destinations for new home buyers in Europe. Buying a new home in Belgium is common in sought-after areas where development is already underway before construction begins. If you plan to stay for more than five years, you can find security and savings by buying a Belgian property.

Few people are able to buy a home outright, so you need access to credit, such as a mortgage. The National Bank of Belgium is preventing people from buying new property by imposing strict limits on the number of mortgage loans granted and the level of interest rates.

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