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Belgium is well and truly represented on the world map for a number of reasons, and the sheer number of Belgian music festivals is quite astonishing. There is a wide range of festivals in the major cities of Belgium (and everywhere), so if you are here from June to September, you should fill your schedule to the brim.

The ACE Music Booking Agency will find you the best musicians in Brussels and Brussels to rent to suit your budget. Simply make a booking request for the type of music you prefer and get a price quote. If you fancy sleeping in a tent at a music festival, Park Inn Hotels offers a variety of options to take part in one of the city's events.

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What started as a free event in the Kammenstraat shopping street has become one of the most important events on the Brussels music scene in recent years. The official opening of Music Week - End will take place on Saturday 16 September in the centre of Brussels. This festival is dedicated to the numerous local collectives who have created and built the Brussels music scene together.

We are proud to be part of a celebration of contemporary theatre, dance and music that resonates far beyond Brussels. Today, the theatre of this diverse city is presented to the world by a diverse group of artists from all walks of life, from art and culture to music, theatre and dance.

Belgian music is part of the Dutch - linguistic tradition, partly French - spoken tradition and part of the Belgian tradition. Classical music is important here, but this multi-level complex also loves jazz and global electronic music. Other popular music styles are Africa and Congo, when Congo was Belgian territory. Music in Belgium has a long and rich history, whether in Dutch, French, Belgian or Belgian.

Although most authors write for a large French readership, particularly Parisian, literary works produced in the Flanders region have a style unique to the region. Much of the work of the singer Johan Verminnen consists in bringing the French chanson tradition into the Dutch language, which is often presented as moving ballads, and almost every Dutchman you meet will be able to sing along to these lines. Although this song is known to be associated with Brussels, it was recorded by Jacques Brel during his time in Belgium and is a must-hear - listen when you visit the Belgian capital. It still runs regularly on the radio, but is also available as a free download from iTunes or Google Play.

The Roskam Bar would be great if they only poured beer, but every Sunday they host a special event with live music, food and of course beer and wine.

Find out what you should not miss during your stay in Brussels: the following selections of Belgian music. A list of frequently asked questions can be found below when booking musicians in and around Brussels. Learn how Belgian chocolate is made, discover the art of making Belgian chocolate truffles in a cooking class and make it yourself. While you hang out and listen to music, have a break with the children or just plug in at one of the many food stalls in the city.

Music therapy in Belgium can be defined as any form of exchange that takes place through musical improvisation or listening to music. What do you do to book a live artist in Brussels or the surrounding area as soon as possible? To actually make music in Belgian (or to apply for a permit at all), you must have a degree in an art such as music or theatre. The criteria vary by city, but if you are making music outside Belgium, at least on the street, you will need a permit to play it.

Brussels - Toots Thielemans, one of the most famous musicians in the world, uses the pipe and guitar to compose world-famous melodies.

In Belgium he decided to stay in Gnawa de Bruxelles and now leads the weekly rehearsals. In addition to these activities, Karim plays the guembri in purple ceremonies and participates in all of her concerts. After a European tour he has settled in the home of only professional golfers in Europe.

The other strong Flemish symbol is the National Song Festival (ANZ), held annually in Antwerp since the early 1930s, where Flemish songs blend with modern expressions of culture. Now in its second decade, the festival is considered one of the most important cultural events in the country's history.

The City of Brussels is responsible for and sometimes subsidizes many other theatres and music halls. Brussels was originally a Flemish city and the French influence was always strong here. It is also a city where many Moroccans live, but the lack of people of gnawa origin means that many musicians and groups do not have a "gnawa" background at all. Around 55 percent of the population live in Flanders, only a tenth of them speak Dutch.

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