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Brussels museums are making a comeback to lighten the mood after last year's devastating terrorist attacks in Paris. To dispel the gloom of 2020, artists and cultural organizations will take to the stage and offer programs that provide a welcome respite from the dark days of recent years.

The programme is part of an awareness-raising programme aimed at making the city's museums more accessible and accessible to a wider public. In addition to the activities planned in the museums, the Brussels museums are calling on a number of organisations to offer thematic tours that challenge the classical representations of museums. The participating museums and the association of artists associated with the project hope to offer a rich program without spoiling the public. There are two other museums that we would also recommend: the Museum of Contemporary Art Brussels (MOCA) and the Musee de l'Archeologie de Bruxelles.

This is one of the most interesting museums in Brussels and we strongly recommend that you include it in your itinerary. If you visit these museums before you start your tour of Brussels, you will get a sense of the history and knowledge of what you see. These museums allow you to travel the world without leaving Brussels and serve as a great inspiration to explore other cultures.

The Schaerbeek Museum of Beer is a great place to get an overview of brewing in Brussels. You can take a short tour of the Museum of Belgian Brewers to understand how they make their beer and how it is made and what type of beer you will find on the restaurant menu. This top art museum has a museum shop selling attractive souvenir books and a large collection of paintings and sculptures.

This spectacular museum is known as the Brussels Dinosaur Museum because it houses the largest collection of dinosaur fossils in the world and well-presented exhibitions. The 38 iguanas found in a single deposit in Belgium are on display, making it the largest museum hall in the world dedicated exclusively to dinosaurs. This spectacular museum is also known as the Brussels Dinosaur Museum, which houses the largest dinosaur collection in Europe and one of the most important dinosaur collections in the world.

The beer museum is small, run by volunteers and only open two afternoons a week, but for Belgian beer lovers it is worth a visit. Attractions such as a beer garden, a beer box hall, and beer and wine tasting rooms are always free of charge.

If you like art museums, you can, if you like, go to the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, where the old and the new are exhibited side by side, which should not be confused with a centre of fine arts. If you are visiting a museum in Brussels with friends who are slightly queasy, it is a must to enter the museum with a glass of wine or beer in hand before you enter. What you are looking for is what you will find in a Brussels museum when you visit one or more of these outstanding Belgian museums.

For online museum tickets, you can use the SNCB code to buy a Discovery Ticket or use a Brussels Card, which you can get for free during the first three days of your visit to any of the museums in Brussels. The Brussels Cards also give you free admission to the Royal Museums of Fine Arts and the Royal Museum of Belgium, as well as all other museums.

Brussels, Belgium, is full of examples of Art Nouveau history, and you can learn more about it by starting at the museum. The Museum of Belgian Military History is located in the beautiful Parc Cinquantenaire, built to celebrate Belgian independence and a great stop for anyone interested in history. There is even a museum of lace making, as it is the historical Belgian craft, with a large collection of bobbin lace from all over the world. Indeed, 40 years ago, the Royal Museum of Central Africa was donated to the museums of the Democratic Republic of Congo as part of a $1 million grant from the US government.

The Brussels Museum can also be a place to drink beer, eat chocolate, have a bit of a scare, wander through the sewers, get your head around conspiracy theories and see a lot of tails. After the history of the museum, you can now go inside and learn about medieval Brussels and forget the beautiful view from the battlements of the city.

When you book a hotel in the area, you will be close to these great cultural attractions. If you want to visit more than a few museums in Brussels, we recommend you choose one. There are many museums and cities in Brussels, so we strongly recommend you take a Brussels Card if you want to visit some of the best museums in Brussels.

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