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I just returned from a long weekend in Belgium and here's what I ate in it, and I must say I'm quite impressed. Belgians know how to eat well, many, it must be said. Belgium is home to many restaurants of the highest quality and among the most popular in the world, such as Boulud, Brouwerij, Dijon, Leuven, etc.

I lived in Brussels for three years and visited them often, but I did not know where to eat traditional Belgian dishes, let alone that most people could name them and where to eat them. Belgian food and how to prepare it in my favourite places where I ate it. Belgium is known for its chocolates and beer, but the typical Belgian cuisine is not what you would expect from a foreign country. I don't know what to eat, and I'm pretty sure most people around me couldn't have known, let alone me.

Belgian cuisine is still struggling to make a foothold on the culinary map, even though the cuisine next door is famous. Take a look at some of the best Belgian food that has helped put the country on the foodie map.

The Brussels Food Festival takes place in the capital from 11 to 14 September, and besides mussels and chips, there are a few Belgian dishes that you will find on the standard menu of any Belgian restaurant. Look for a chance to sample the following dishes on a culinary tour of Brussels through Belgium. We have selected 10 lesser-known Belgian dishes that are traditionally prepared and fill the pleasures.

Belgium's traditional food is mashed potatoes, and the more famous style is the traditional Belgian potato salad, a popular dish in many countries. Belgium also has a variety of other dishes, such as classic Belgian cheese or even the famous Brussels cheese. Consider these 10 traditional Belgian dishes that you should not miss during your visit to Brussels.

Not to be confused with the muscles of Brussels, the Moule Fritteuse is an almost inevitable classic in Belgium. Nobody knows where it really comes from, but it is considered a national delicacy and we even have a museum dedicated to it, the Frietmuseum. Belgian fries can be found almost everywhere in Belgium, so there is no doubt that they started in both Belgium and France.

If you are looking for a tour of Brussels with food, this is a two-hour tour that takes you through some of the best chocolate shops in Brussels, with a guide who tells you all about the history of brown and gold in Belgium. Come and taste our chocolates, truffles and more and learn about the history of Belgian chocolate.

Here you will find over 60 restaurants I personally tested and some of the best Belgian dishes I tried, as did some of my personal favourites.

Before we go any further, I should like to make one thing clear: Belgian food is not an offshoot of French food. Belgian fries are so good that you can get them in virtually any restaurant, but if you wanted to come up with something, my favourite waffle came from Belgium (or rather from Liege) from Dandoy's Tearoom. I will take you to the area around the beautiful Grand Place to sample some of the best restaurants in the city as well as some of my personal favorites.

If you want more background information before enjoying Belgian food in Brussels, consider one of the following food tours. I recommend this tour to anyone with a passing curiosity about Brussels and who is interested in walking and exploring for the best part of 5 hours and being stuffed with a huge selection of delicious Belgian dishes. If you are in Belgium for a short period of time and still want to have the chance to try a variety of Belgian dishes during your stay, you should definitely consider this culinary tour. If you want to know more about why Brussels should be on your foodie list, read my book, The Foodie Guide to Brussels.

Make sure to have vol au vent on your personal list of things to eat in Brussels, as it is one of my favourite places in the city and definitely worth a visit.

It is easy to understand why carbonated flamande is one of Belgium's most famous dishes, tender beef simmering in a rich Belgian beer sauce is the epitome of comfort food. A trip to Belgium will not be complete without a visit to the famous restaurants of the city, especially vol au vent. Typical Belgian dishes are made with beef that simmers slowly in Belgian beer before melting in the mouth. The beer used is typically a combination of two types of beer, usually a red or white beer and a white wine.

The fresh, edgy and sophisticated cuisine of Brussels is the result of chefs pushing the boundaries of Belgian cuisine and breaking new ground. They will find Michelin-starred chefs at the top of their game, but new budget options are taking Brussels by storm, including an influx of food trucks.

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