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To start a series of activities in Brussels, I share with you some of my favourite museums. The museums of the City of Brussels offer you the opportunity to learn all about the history of Brussels and share your favourite pieces from all over the world, from art galleries to art museums, galleries and galleries.

Housed in an Art Nouveau masterpiece designed by Victor Horta, this unique museum displays some of the most important works of art collected between the late 19th century and the early 20th century. The romantic movement of Belgium, marked by monumental paintings, statues and sketches, offers a unique insight into the history of Brussels and Belgian Romanticism.

The Royal Museum offers a good overview of Belgian art, but there are many other museums, galleries and galleries in Brussels and other parts of Belgium. The country's most important art collections are the Royal Museums of Brussels, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Musee de l'Art Nouveau, but there is also an important source in the National Gallery of Modern Art in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in London.

There are many museums in Brussels that you can visit when you and friends get queasy, but they can also be a place to drink beer, eat chocolate, have some sort of scare, roam the sewers, burn your head, research conspiracy theories and see a lot of cocks.

The Belgian art pilgrimage is complete, but no list of the great Belgian art would be complete without a lamb that could be lost in many of you, so no lists of the great Belgian arts are complete.

The cheeky description on the Brussels museum's website describes the bewildering journey and then says how strange it is. Normally I would put a street art map here, where we share the locations of the best street art artists in Brussels.

But since there are so many, I decided to give you all the art museums and galleries in Brussels. I strongly recommend putting this on your itinerary, it is one of the most interesting museums in Brussels and houses lace making, a historic Belgian craft. Founded in April 2016 on the Brussels Canal, MIMA has set itself the task of being a formative museum of contemporary art.

As Belgium's contribution to Art Nouveau is clearly visible in the cityscape of Brussels, and Brussels is striving for a new generation of artists interested in contemporary art, this family initiative likes to present internationally established artists and emerging talents in an open concrete space that is ideally suited for this task. Belgian art history, with its many museums both inside and outside, keeps the tradition alive. The paintings of the Flemish masters are exhibited in museums and cathedrals throughout the country. Wiel provides an insight into the history of Belgian art and its influence on the modern world.

The murals on the comics are no joke, so don't miss the writing on the walls of RED Brussels. Most of them are the result of an initiative launched in 1991 by the Belgian Comic Center. Visit Brussels and see Street Art to celebrate the city, but here our cultural tour offers you an insight into how to spend an art and theme day in the Belgian capital.

Sit back and discover the diversity and raw artistic energy of Brussels with our carefully curated guide. Let's take a look at some of the most interesting and interesting places in the city, as well as some of our favorite places to eat and drink.

If you ever arrive in a new city to explore and one of the first things you do is meet the museum scene, you will be thrilled to find a museum in Brussels. Brussels proves that museums can be anything, with a wealth of strange, quirky and unusual museums that make up the majority of the unusual activities in Brussels. A few kilometres from the city centre, this museum dedicated to two Belgian artists displays many modern works that were on display in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, from bushy - impregnated - to art.

At Art Brussels, she will show works by Lille-based Philip Janssens, one of the most famous Belgian artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. If you visit more than a few museums in Brussels, I would recommend you to choose one, but I definitely recommend you to take a Brussels Card if you want to visit all the best museums in Brussels.

I could not make a list of the best museums in Brussels because it would not be fair to include this museum, which is not funny at all and is still a super great museum.

If you want to learn more about the art of Brussels Art Nouveau, this museum is the perfect starting point. The works are shown in a wide variety of styles, from modernism to modernism and even a little contemporary art.

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